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May 24 2021


Jun 08 2021

Fifth Episode Now Airing on PCBW!

Cassie Jo Arend, Corporate Communications Manager, & Heather...
Jun 01 2021

Union Bank Is Beginning Its Second Week on PCBW

Abby Hornish & Klint Manz represented Union Bank . . .
May 25 2021

Fourth Episode Now Airing on PCBW!

Abby Hornish & Klint Manz represented Union Bank . . .
May 18 2021

Ohio Means Jobs (Defiance & Paulding Counties) Is Beginning Its Second Week On PCBW

Tiffany Dargenson, represented Ohio Means Jobs . . .
May 12 2021

VIDEO: Dandelion Boutique 50% in May, 2021!

May 11 2021

Third Episode Now Airing on PCBW!

Join us and listen to the third episode of PCBW! . . .
May 04 2021

InSource Technologies, Inc. Is Beginning Its Second Week On PCBW

Larry Manz, director of Sales and Marketing, represented InSource...
May 01 2021

Dandelion Boutique – 50% OFF SALE MAY 1st through MAY 31st

The Dandelion Boutique retail store 50% off sale May 1st through May...
Apr 29 2021

NSCC Partners With Paulding HS And Other Entities For Welding Program

Communication, collaboration, and partnerships are all sometimes a...
Apr 29 2021

Cooper Farms Receives PCED Membership Award

Thank you for 20 years of your support, Cooper Farms!
Apr 28 2021

Leinard Mobile Home Park Changes Ownership

PCED Member Leinard Mobile Home Park ownership has been sold over to...
Apr 27 2021

The Second Episode of PCBW Is Now Airing!

A new episode of PCBW is out! . . .
Apr 26 2021

Searings Receive PCED Membership Award

Thank you for your 20 years of support, Searings! . . .
Apr 24 2021

The Reservoir War Marker Has Been Dedicated

On Saturday, April 24 the residents of Paulding County dedicated . ....
Apr 19 2021

Genesis House Gets New Owners

The ownership of The Genesis House has changed to Cris and Amy...
Apr 19 2021

Paulding County Mayor’s Association Meets

The Paulding County Mayors Association recently held its quarterly...
Apr 15 2021

Paulding Welcomes New Chamber Director

The board selected Erica Noggle as their next Paulding Chamber...
Apr 14 2021

Reservoir War Historical Marker to be Dedicated in Rural Antwerp

Will be dedicated on Saturday, April 24 at 10:30 a.m . . .
Apr 13 2021

PCBW Kicks Off With First Episode!

PCBW’s first episode is an introduction to the host, Tim...
Apr 09 2021

Paulding County Business Weekly Program Coming Up!

A new business radio program/podcast will be kicking off in the...
Apr 06 2021

Haviland Drainage & Products Receives PCED Membership Award

Thank you for 20 years of your support, Haviland Drainage &...
Mar 30 2021

Baughman Tile Receives PCED Membership Award

Thank you for 20 years of your support, Baughman Tile!
Mar 25 2021

PC Workshop Receives PCED Membership Award

Thank you for 20 years of your support, PC Workshop!
Mar 12 2021

Broughton Park Coming Together

This Paulding County town now has a small park with plans to...
Mar 10 2021

Paulding Council Hears Business Wants to Expand

Public comments took up over half of Paulding Village Council’s...
Mar 09 2021

Juvenile Court Receives Funding

Paulding County Juvenile Court Judge Michael Wehrkamp announced . ....
Jan 19 2021

Exciting Plans for Masonic Lodge

CoRP (Community Revitalizing Paulding) hosted a press conference . ....
Oct 01 2020

Postcards Are Now In Paulding!

Available now in Paulding at PC Workshop’s Limitless, Holly, Wood,...
Sep 15 2020

New Home Horticulture and Natural Resources Blog for Paulding County

Help in answering your home horticulture questions
Sep 15 2020

At-Home Screening of the film SILO during virtual Farm Science Review Grain Bin Safety is a key to farm harvest

Join the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety and Health Program for an...
Aug 26 2020

Grant’s Catering Adjusts Business Model

Grant’s Catering has made an adjustment in their catering...
Aug 24 2020

Power2Change Organization Continues Growth

Power2Change is the name for a nonprofit group of Paulding area...
Aug 05 2020

Dandelion Boutique opened in Paulding

The Dandelion Boutique retail store opened at 101 West Perry Street...
Jul 01 2020

Microtronix ESolutions will be opening a new storefront on Monday, July 6 in Paulding County!

The store will be located at 103 W. Perry Street in Paulding. They...
Jun 09 2020

Paulding, Ohio welcomes Mighty Cube, LLC

Chad and Klint believe that everyone should have their own personal...
Jun 01 2020

Spartech’s Paulding, Ohio Plant Powers Up Plexiglass Production, Job Opportunities

With demand for clear barriers increasing during the Coronavirus,...
May 27 2020

New Local Pressure Washing Services

Despite recent changes in the local economy, a new business is...
Apr 22 2020

Paulding County COVID-19 Crisis Fund Application

Applications are now available for the Paulding County COVID-19...
Jan 22 2020

Taylor Made Glass Systems, Payne, OH has announced a $1.5 million investment

Taylor Made Glass Systems, Payne, OH has announced a $1.5 million...
Jan 15 2020

Growth Fitness of Paulding is a new 24 hour gym facility in the Paulding Place Shopping Center.

Owner Kass Chestnut comes to Paulding County form the Delta, OH area...
Jan 15 2020

KAUSER Excavating, LLC Septic Service

Kauser excavating has purchased a truck to offer local septic system...
May 01 2014

WMYW 102.7 FM officially is Paulding County’s only locally owned & licensed radio station

MY102.7 FM is owned by Joe B. Barker of Antwerp, Ohio.
Jan 02 2013

Paulding Ace Hardware has invested in a new Sales, Service & Rental Center

Tom Sinn and his staff are now selling a complete line of TORO lawn...
Mar 09 2012

Paulding County Fairgrounds Fund

Through the great work of a dedicated committee of volunteers with...