PAULDING – The Paulding County Economic Development office recently hosted several development roundtable discussions.  Businesses owners, employees and individual members of the Paulding County Economic Development office were invited to attend from three sectors:  finance, construction/development and realty.  The intent of the roundtables was to organize an internal county team that is interested in developing residential opportunities in Paulding County.

The first roundtable discussion was with the financial group.  Banking and credit union leaders, from seven financial institutions around the region, met to hear about project opportunities, potential properties available through private and land bank property options, and learned about different State of Ohio residential grant programs taking place.  The group also shared information including: subdivision development, current lending, interest rates, modular home financing and an upcoming Vibrant Communities Grant seminar.   The seminar will be held at the Paulding Eagles from 2:30-4:00 pm on Thursday, May 23.  The seminar is open to the public but the currently the only eligible communities for the grant are the villages of Antwerp, Broughton, Cecil, Grover Hill, Haviland, Melrose, Oakwood & Payne.

The next roundtable group was the construction/contractors group.  This group included 13 businessmen whose expertise ranged anywhere from building inspection to foundation development, framing, drywall work and HVAC installation, to roofing, siding and finishing.  This group was the most vocal as new introductions were made, new homebuilding myths were busted and new ideas were shared.  The connections made in this meeting were certainly worthwhile and are already enticing new development project discussions.

The final group to meet was the realty teams.  Nine realtors, representing six regional realty groups joined Megan Foos with Northwest Ohio REALTORS.

Interestingly enough, these local teams confirmed much of the same that is being discussed in villages and counties throughout Ohio, that there needs to be more housing.  There is interest to build, there is equity to be spent on speculative builds, there just isn’t enough road, water, sewer, surface drainage infrastructure in place for building of single family, multi family or senior living complexes to begin.  The group provided thoughts on how we might overcome this barrier and how we need to work in conjunction with grants and other funding to make this work.

Tim Copsey, Director for Paulding County Economic Development office summarized, “We have been hearing from so many different business, individuals and entities involved with all of these sectors.  We just felt the best way to include our current and potential investment members in the conversation, and get them a seat at the development table, was to pull them all together in these roundtable meetings.  Once everyone was introduced in their respective groups the discussion took off just as we hoped.  These were definitely worth our organizations time and investment.  We are excited to share what came out of these roundtable meetings and discussions.”

To learn more about commercial, retail and residential projects developing in Paulding County  please contact Paulding County Economic Development at 419-399-8282.