PAULDING, OH – Holistic Wizard Wellness, LLC, a new business started by Joel Fields, a licensed massage therapist with over eight years of experience, officially opened its doors on January 2, 2024. Located at 12705 Road 162 in Paulding, Ohio, Holistic Wizard Wellness offers therapeutic massage services aimed at providing deep relaxation and relief for individuals facing symptoms of job stress, burnout, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Joel’s journey of holistic wellness began with his extensive experience in different office settings, including a chiropractic office in Van Wert and a four-year stint at Parkview Health in Fort Wayne. His passion for holistic healing led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Holistic Health from Northern Vermont University in 2022. With a specialization in working with individuals experiencing stress-related symptoms, Joel has mastered his skills in therapeutic massage and craniosacral therapy to offer gentle yet effective treatments for his clients.

The inspiration behind

Holistic Wizard Wellness came from Joel’s involvement in the “Holistic Response Team” at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne, where he witnessed firsthand the toll that stress and burnout can take on healthcare workers. Motivated to provide relief outside of the corporate environment, Joel established Holistic Wizard Wellness to cater not only to healthcare professionals but also to business professionals and locals in and near Paulding County.

Holistic Wizard Wellness offers customized therapeutic massages ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, as well as craniosacral therapy, known for its effectiveness in alleviating migraines, fibromyalgia, and stress. Additionally, the business provides organic CBD products and access to high-quality supplements through Fullscript, an online supplement store.


For Joel Fields, owning Holistic Wizard Wellness is a fulfillment of his passion for holistic healing and serving his community. “Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we’ve looked at,” says Tiffany Field, Ph.D., Director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami.

Clients can schedule appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM to 7 PM at Field’s home office just north of Stykemain Chevrolet in Paulding. Online scheduling is also available on the Holistic Wizard Wellness website, with questions also welcomed by phone at 260-245-3939 or email at

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