GROVER HILL – October 20, 2023 was a historic day in Paulding County, and specifically the Village of Grover Hill, as a groundbreaking event was hosted for the construction of a new Dollar General store.  It was noted that events like this are what bring positive change to communities and what people will look back on in 25 or 50 years and identify as a community building day.  There are not a lot of these days noted recently in the history of the village, but Grover Hill residents have made the most of those that have.  According to Paulding County historian Walter Lang, the last two commercial buildings that were developed in the village limits were the Bud Stratton Dairy Dip in 1962; and Oakwood Deposit Bank in 1978.  Nearly 30 people took the time to attend here today.

This project’s realization has been years in the making, and stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. The visionary efforts and forward-thinking of the Paulding County Land Bank Committee members were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.  The Land Bank Committee consists of:  Commissioner Mark Holtsberry, Paulding County Treasurer Lou Ann Wannemacher, Commissioner Mike Weible, Mike Kauser representing Paulding County Townships, Paulding Mayor Greg White representing the county villages, and Paulding County Prosecutor Joe Burkard.  The land bank purchase and demolition of the existing building on the property at the time, helped kick off this this venture that commenced several years ago.  It was in part due to discussions with former county commissioner Roy Klopfenstein and then Paulding County Economic Development (PCED) Director Jerry Zielke, who played pivotal roles as members of the project committee.

Rural development relies on local investment and collaborative efforts, as emphasized by current PCED Director Tim Copsey, who stated, “It takes collaboration. We wish to express our gratitude to our partners in this project including: Mayor John Moon and the Village of Grover Hill; Josh Allen with Cross Development, the PC Land Bank; and local property owners Mark and Janette Figert along with Loy and Katherine Taylor.  Without all of their dedication to seeing this project to the end this would have not been possible.”

Klopfenstein, now District 82 member of the Ohio House of Representatives, and village Mayor John Moon, both spoke a few words of thanks to the attendees and the efforts of the Paulding County Economic Development office and the collaboration as well.

It was noted that this event ties right in with many other great things taking place in and around the village with the recent opening of the Grover Hill Lions Club Community Center, a functioning Lifewise program, and the upcoming site revitalizations in the old Grover Hill Depot building and blacksmith shop through the Paulding County land bank.

In the photo from left to right: Mark Holtsberry, Tim Copsey, Lou Ann Wannemacher, John Moon, Mark Figert, Loy Taylor, Roy Klopfenstein, Josh Allen.