The Village of Antwerp has seen an awesome transformation on South Main Street, where small businesses Antwerp Pharmacy and More than Boutique have found their new home for well over a year. If you’ve been by recently, you have also seen the eye-catching signage on the building that houses the Antwerp Pharmacy. This enhancement is due in part to the marketing support program that is available for Paulding County small businesses, offered by the Paulding County Economic Development (PCED) office.

“Our marketing program is a really great tool for our member businesses to have their current business marketing strategies assessed.  From that assessment, they receive a tailored proposal that lists different marketing ideas they can pursue on their own, or with the assistance of different partners, like West Bend Printing and Publishing, Natural Design and Graphics, or any other business they want to work with.” says Kristen Schilt, PCED Office Manager.

Schilt introduced Antwerp Pharmacy owner Mandy Miller to the program during the Paulding County  Career Day expo last spring. Choosing to use the program, she was able to acquire a branded tablecloth to use for future displays and job fair events. Miller appreciated the simplicity of working with local businesses, adding, “I could prioritize what I needed the most and then make that idea a reality all while keeping the money we spent local.”

Miller continued to praise the local program for making it easy to develop the signage for their new building, “We decided that the new sign was the most important item that was discussed (in the assessment meeting).”  With remaining funds, she partnered with West Bend Printing and Publishing to design a banner-style sign, featuring the pharmacy’s logo, services, location, and contact info. Impressively, West Bend installed it within a day.

The local marketing business is excited for the opportunity to work with, and share their talents, with others, “West Bend Printing & Publishing has found this marketing program to be very helpful, for not only businesses looking to expand their marketing reach with useful tools, but it has also opened doors for the spread of our client-base as well,” stated co-owner Angel Steiner. “After being in business for almost 20 years, Bryce (Steiner, co-owner) and I are sometimes perplexed that so many still don’t know West Bend is more than just the newspaper. Clients are excited when they find out they can get marketing tools, like signage, personalized invoices, etc. made right here in Paulding County!  We want to thank PCED and this marketing program for helping expand small businesses in Paulding County.”

The program is a collaborative effort made available through a grant from the OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) office of Defiance and Paulding County, and facilitated through the PCED office.  The program is geared toward small businesses with less than 10 employees.  It is designed to offset marketing costs as businesses establish and grow their existing business with new marketing opportunities.

“OhioMeansJobs Defiance & Paulding Counties is thankful for the funding opportunity, through the Greater Ohio Workforce Board, to allow OMJ Defiance & Paulding to help assist businesses with this tailored marketing opportunity. OMJ Defiance & Paulding is also appreciative of the continued partnership with PCED and their promotion and support of this wonderful opportunity,” shared Tiffany Rockhold, Workforce Supervisor for OhioMeansJobs Defiance/Paulding Counties.

For more information about the program, or to confirm your business qualifies for assistance, contact PCED Office Manager Kristen Schilt at or call 419-399-8295.