Paulding County Economic Development Press Release                             March 19, 2024

PAULDING – The Paulding County application for the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) residential and commercial blight program was completed and submitted on March 8.  Estee Miller, Maumee Valley Planning Organization, shared with the Land Reutilization Committee (Land Bank) that the application for the residential and commercial blight program included 43 properties from throughout the county.  Miller shared that the estimated application price tag for remediation is $1,115,316.  The county was allocated $500,000 in the program.  Because the county exceeded the allocated amount, there will need to be $154,500 of match money provided by the Land Bank committee if the total application is accepted.  Purchased properties can also be considered match.

The committee was then updated on the progress of the former Paulding theatre lot by Tim Copsey, Paulding County Economic Development Director.  This project is one of several in the county using ODOD Brownfield program funds.  The theatre and adjacent building demolition has completed and all debris removed.  The replacement sidewalks along West Perry Street were framed, with cement recently poured.  The group will next be made aware of the cost of putting metal siding on the now exposed, east wall of the Hawg’s Tavern building.

The county continues to have ongoing remediation work taking place at the former Grizzley Brake property.  The current owners, Arvin Environmental Management, LLC have invested in having natural overgrowth and foliage removed about 40 feet inside the fence perimeter.  This has provided a much better view of the chain link fence enclosing the property, and revealed some needed repair.  Quotes are taking place on that now.  A bid application is also being prepared to drain ponds and level the dirt mounds, at both this site, and the former Stokely site across the road.

Final committee discussions were in regard to following up on properties still owned by the committee and understanding the upcoming mowing maintenance that will soon be required on the properties.  Thoughts were then shared in how to proceed in future marketing of remediated properties for development.