Paulding County Economic Development Press Release                                      October 10, 2023

Former Grizzley Brake property remediation discussion continues

PAULDING – The Paulding County Land Bank met for their October meeting this week.

The meeting led off with Paulding County EPA Consultant Matt Wagner, from Tetra Tech, sharing positive communication from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), in regard to the man-made ponds located on the former Grizzley Brake property.  There is just over 2.5 acres of the entire 37 acre property that is actually protected as “wetlands”.  As long as this part of the property is left alone, the rest of the property can be remediated for future commercial use.

The property has recently changed owners as the new owners, Cummins Engine, have acquired the assets of Arvin Environmental Management, LLC.  With the change of ownership, and positive communication from USACE , a meeting has taken place between Wagner, Land Bank representative Mike Kauser, and Tim Copsey with Paulding County Economic Development office.  The group has developed a plan forward for Cummins investment into immediate foliage clean-up and fence repair  around the overall brownfield property.  Remediation inside the fence will come from state allocated funds.  All parties are excited with the discussion, immediate, and future plans of the site.  Also noted, with less concern, is the remediation of the old Stokely Factory site, located across the road to the west of the Grizzley site.

There are also new brownfield projects being submitted for consideration and review.  A former grain mill property, currently owned by Patriot Rail in the Village of Antwerp, and the former Winkle building in Paulding, currently owned by the village.  Grant applications will be submitted to fund EPA testing to determine if there are hazardous materials in either structure.

Estee Miller with Maumee Valley Planning Organization brought the group up to date in regard to the county residential blight program.  Five projects have been submitted to the state to use up remaining Round 1 funds.  The state recently confirmed remaining funds could still be used by each county.

Additionally, residential and commercial properties have been identified by the Land Bank for use of Round 2 funds.  To date, Miller has received 5 confirmed applications from property owners around the county.  Many more have been contacted by Miller & Copsey. The committee has opted to proactively reach out to additional property owners in a concerted effort to maximize the utilization of the $500,000 in county-allocated funds for blight removal.

The meeting closed out with open discussion of several new project thoughts and how the group might best use county land bank proceeds to benefit the county overall.

For more information please contact Paulding County Economic Development or  Maumee Valley Planning Organization.