PAULDING, OH – Hidn Treasures LLC, a unique artisan market, proudly announces its grand opening at 1007 N Williams St, located between Subway and Marathon in Paulding, Ohio. The doors officially opened on February 28, 2024, marking the realization of a long-held dream for the shop owner.

Heather Sherburn, a local entrepreneur with over 20 years of management experience and a background in marketing and direct sales, Hidn Treasures LLC brings a distinctive shopping experience to Paulding. Heather previously served as a marketing director and branch manager at a bank, and discovered a passion for creating custom resin pieces, sparking the idea for this new business idea.

“It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business,” shared owner Heather Sherburn. “About five or six years ago, I started envisioning a storefront instead of constantly setting up at flea markets and vendor shows. After much prayer and guidance, the right opportunity presented itself. With the support of the Paulding County Economic Development team and valuable input from Lisa Becher at Northwest State Community College SBDC, my vision quickly became a reality.”

Hidn Treasures LLC offers a wide variety of handmade, hand-crafted, and hand-baked goods, emphasizing the importance of supporting local artisans. The store also hosts DIY workshops and offers gift certificates, providing the community with both unique products and creative experiences.

“Owning this business means the world to me,” Heather shared. “I am passionate about helping people and supporting local small businesses. I would rather spend a little more to support a single mom or a family trying to make ends meet, rather than a major corporation. Our small business cares deeply about the community and our customers.”

The founder is eager for the community to know that 95% of the products in Hidn Treasures LLC are handmade by local vendors, offering items that can’t be found in big chain stores. This commitment to quality and community sets Hidn Treasures apart as a destination for unique and meaningful shopping.

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Hidn Treasures LLC invites everyone to visit the new store and experience the charm and quality of handmade, local products. Join us in celebrating the grand opening and supporting the local community.