As is typical, December just started and here we are 8 days from Christmas! Time flies when you enjoy life in Paulding County. The hope was that as we coasted into the holidays we would slow down in the PCED office and catch our breath for a minute to organize. Not the case. PC business women and men are a lot Frosted Flakes…..THEY’RRRRRRRRE GREAT!! Onward toward the end of 2021!
The PCED Board concluded the 2021 year with their final meeting this week. There were so many exciting items on the agenda we didn’t get through it all and already have a full agenda for January. Exciting times in Paulding County! We want to thank Dennis Recker as he expires his term for his many years of service to this board. We also welcome new member Brett Wagner of PCED Member Wagner Metals being accepted by the board and joining us in 2022!!

This week we had our monthly discussion about PCED with the commissioners; had a great meeting with NAI Harmon Group and property owners in the Antwerp area.  The hope is to garner some options to move the 24/49 intersection area forward.  Had a wonderful tour of the NW State campus; Kristen and I had a great educational discussion with Sarah Noggle who is both PCED Business Member and a PCED Board member; and enjoyed lunches with our Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) representative Andy Lorenz and then our Putnam and Defiance County counterparts Amy Sealts and Erika Willitzer.

As noted earlier, the Antwerp CIC continues to move forward with plans to develop the 24/49 intersection.  It will begin with an access road to get into the property.  Would you be interested in naming this new road?  Contact to find out how your donation to the Antwerp CIC could qualify you to be in a pool of investors that will have the opportunity to name this road.