A new business radio program/podcast will be kicking off in the county.  The Paulding County Business Weekly (PCBW) program will be a business informational program highlighting businesses from around Paulding County.  The intent is to help those in our villages, county, and even the Midwest region learn what goes on behind the four walls of the buildings many of us drive by every day.  We want help listeners understand how our county business plays into state, national and even some international economies.

This program is a collaboration project with MY102.7FM, Ohio Means Jobs of Paulding & Defiance County, and your Paulding County Economic Development office.  “The partnership with PCED and MY102.7 has been a fantastic opportunity to educate the public about the services OhioMeansJobs Paulding & Defiance Counties has to offer.  PCED and MY102.7 have been incredibly supportive of the services we are able to offer to the public” said OMJ Director Corey Walker.

Paulding County Economic Development Director Tim Copsey noted, “Collaboration of resources and effort continues to be promoted from your PCED office.  MY102.7 Station Manager Joe Barker, Engineering Manager Terry Carwile, OMJ Workforce Supervisor Tiffany Dargenson all had the same thoughts about promoting our county business to the general public, none of us knowing exactly how.  Once we sat down at the table together to brainstorm this possibility, everything seemed to fall into place.”  Joe Barker shared, “We are thrilled to get PCBW on the air. It’s been a year in the making now. MY102.7 can’t thank OMJ and PCED enough for this new partnership. Together we’re going to be able to share great information to our listeners and the world with the podcasts available on demand.”

The intent of the program is three-fold:  one piece will be to give listeners a little history of highlighted county businesses and help explain and understand what these businesses do and make; the second piece will be to explain how these Paulding County products fit into local, regional and national markets; the final piece will be that these programs will be recorded and available to our students and others in or outside the county who later might be interested in what employment opportunities are available at these businesses.  ““The partnership with Paulding Co. Economic Development and MY102.7 allows OhioMeansJobs Paulding & Defiance Counties to provide outreach in assisting businesses with hiring needs and providing transferrable skills to individuals in efforts to fulfill the workforce gap. The partnership allows us to bring awareness to the community needs of employers and allows students to know what is available in their backyard. We are elated for this partnership and to see the prosperity within the Paulding County community” stated OMJ Workforce Administrator Tiffany Dargenson

“The hope is that our Paulding County population gains knowledge in what we do and provide locally.    We want to educate everyone to help us communicate and promote that outward.  Together we will develop a network of marketing Paulding County.  We should be proud of what we accomplish here in Paulding County.  The pride of work has always existed inside each individual business.  We just need to bridge that over to our students, our employees, our residents, and other county businesses to market our entire county as a package to those looking for a place to land a new home or business.” continued Copsey.

PCBW billboards promoting air times are already appearing around the county.  The program will be aired on My102.7FM on Tuesday and Thursday at 8am and 5pm and recordings will also be available at www.defiancepauldingjfs.com,  www.pced.net, or the www.my1027.org website.  Highlighted businesses will be chosen from the investment members of your PCED office.  We hope you will listen in on an upcoming show soon.