Paulding County – Power2Change is the name for a nonprofit group of Paulding area volunteers trained as Living Free small group facilitators.  Living Free, founded in 1988, is an organization that has created time proven Bible-based curriculums and methodology, for helping individuals overcome “life controlling issues”.  The organization is now represented in more than 104 countries and nearly 1 million people around the world have participated in Living Free small groups.

Each small group is held accountable to strict confidentiality to establish high trust and transparency. Group participants have found the sessions to be “spiritually stirring”.  An additional benefit has been a bonding of Christians together across denominational boundaries.

In a short time, it has become clear that the Living Free Curriculums are helpful to at least 4 different groups of people: 1) those publicly known to be dealing with “life controlling” issues; 2) those who have recovered from these types of issues and now have a passion for helping others do so; 3) many people who are hiding from exposure and help for these issues, due to shame and fear; 4) those associated with others dealing with these problems and are interested in preventing themselves or others from experiencing these problems.

In early 2018, a coalition of local leaders was created to help deal with the present opiate addiction and death crisis in Ohio.  This creation followed two driving events:  stirring presentations by Darryl Strawberry (a recovered drug addict and Major League All-Star baseball player) followed shortly thereafter with a local forum held in May.  Soon after this forum, local members of the community met with Paulding County Common Pleas Judge Tiffany Beckman to learn more about opportunities to complement the local “drug court” program.  This led to a search for a relevant and effective public program to assist those affected by addiction (addicts, their friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else they associate with).

In November that same year, Dr. Daniel Schreck, founder of the Connection Points Living Free ministry in Ft. Wayne, presented at the monthly Paulding coalition meeting.  It was at this presentation where individuals expressed interest to attend an upcoming Living Free Facilitator Training session in Ft Wayne.

In February 2019, fifteen local individuals went through participation, in a series of sessions of an Insight Group, and subsequently formed the local “core team” of a Living Free Community.  In May, the local group registered with the state of Ohio as a nonprofit corporation under the name “Power2Change”.

Since that time, Power2Change has offered various Living Free small group curriculums to individuals within the Paulding County area.  Already, significant positive life changes have been observed in numerous individuals.

Now, Power2Change is arranging for small-group sessions in various locations throughout Paulding County.  Participants from surrounding counties are also welcome.  The organization is open to growth into surrounding counties as resources and demand develop.  All Power2Change members freely volunteer their time. To be a “Power2Change” facilitator one must: 1) go through Living Free Facilitator training, 2) participate in an “Insight Group” and 3) subscribe to the Power2Change set of governing beliefs.

If you would like to know more about the Power2Change program, or help with their work, please look at their website or their Facebook page Power2Change.  You can also reach out to Registrar and Vice President Colette Brown 419-789-8404 or President Dwight Stoller 419-203-1881