Paulding County Economic Development Press Release November 11, 2021

Palmer Energy presents to Paulding County Mayor Association

PAULDING, OH – Amy Hoffman, with Palmer Energy Co. was a guest of the fourth quarter
Paulding County Mayors Association meeting. Palmer Energy is the consultant for the County
Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) and Ohio Municipal League (OML) that consults with
the Paulding County Commissioners to review county and municipal electric bills with the intent
of providing competitive energy pricing. It was noted that the villages of Payne and Latty have
already benefited by participating in the county’s electric aggregation program. Hoffman will
soon be working with other interested villages in the county.

Paulding County EMA Director Ed Bohn then shared with the group that the 2022 County
Mitigation Plan needs to be reviewed and approved by each community. This will take some
time so the sooner this review can begin, the more accurate the plan will be when submitted
with the state.

The meeting was then turned over to Austin Serna with Maumee Valley Planning Organization
(MVPO). The attending representatives from Antwerp, Cecil, Grover Hill, Haviland, Latty,
Melrose, Oakwood, Paulding and Payne were joined by members representing Not for Profit
groups from around the county. The county is available for Community Block Development
Grant funds in 2022. Serna explained how the program works and how applications are
submitted. It was shared that from all applications, only three will be selected to be completed
in the county.

The PC Mayor’s Association is guided by Paulding Mayor Greg White with organizational
assistance from the PCED office. All 11 mayors, or a representative from their village, are
invited to attend the meetings to receive village related communication and information from
county offices.