Saturday April 17 was a special day for many people of Antwerp. Mary Leinard, who has owned the Leinard Mobile Home Park for many years, and previously her father, presented a banquet for people in her life that made a difference in her small part of the world that she loves – Antwerp, Ohio. The event took place at Grant’s Catering and Mary had brought in live music and lots of friends! The hall was full of fun and memories. Some of the residents have been there up to 35 years and even third generation families have been there.

Everyone who knows Mary understands that she runs a tight ship and keeps the park in tip-top shape, which means that it’s a really great place to live!

Mary presented to everyone there the new owners of Leinard Mobile Home Park – Andrew and Jill Elbrecht. Andrew stated that he intends to keep the same high standards to ensure it stays a great place to live! He appreciates all the work that Mary has done, and everyone recognized the importance of her work here, both for housing and the economy. We appreciate Mary, and welcome Andrew & Jill!

Pictured (l-r) are Sue Fowler and Angel Steiner from the Antwerp Chamber of Commerce, Jill and Andrew Elbrecht, new owners of Leinard Mobile Home Park, Mary Leinard, and Tim Copsey of the Paulding County Economic Development.
Photo credit: West Bend News