Paulding County Economic Development Press Release                                      April 20, 2023

Solicitor discussion tops Paulding County Mayor Association meeting   

PAULDING – The Paulding County Mayors Association recently held a second quarter meeting. Discussion amongst the group was the recent appointment of Harvey Hyman as new Probate Judge.  His appointment brought a mandated resignation as solicitor for many of the county villages.  With the shortage of attorneys in the county, and the overall region, the villages are all working to lock in replacements for the position.  A list of the village solicitors in the county was updated with several villages still in search.

The meeting was opened by Paulding Mayor Greg White.  A presentation followed by Doug Blackwood, VP of Treasury Sales Management at Premier Bank. Blackwood shared information about a local option for municipal banking. Bundle options and various tier benefits were highlighted. Blackwood encouraged each municipality that has interest to set up a meeting to find the best fit option for their village.

Also sharing information was Brandon Manz with Manz Insurance and Accounting. Manz shared community frustrations for how RITA and CCA income tax collection is facilitated. The information followed discussion from previous mayor meetings about a  futuristic solution for potentially having a county representative that could facilitate this tax collection. Manz sees this model currently working well for Hicksville, Defiance and Napoleon.

PC EMA Director Ed Bohn communicated information about county tornado sirens and current testing. It was identified during a recent storm that not all sirens are working.  There was good discussion if EMA, or the village and township owners of the sirens, are responsible for testing and reporting.  Bohn is also ensuring that testing will continue and offered solutions for community representatives to share results of testing. Bohn also noted that the county mitigation plans are complete and will be shared in May.  The plan will be submitted and then go live July 1, 2023.

Bohn then shared information about the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and the influx of population each village and township can expect from April 4-8, 2024. Bohn will present information at each village council meeting multiple times throughout the next year. Bohn closed by stating any village that has railroad may request a presentation from EMA about current updates in railroad safety following the devastating events in East Palestine, Ohio.

Economic Development Director Tim Copsey guided the second half of the meeting to discuss:

  • The 2023-24 Ohio fiscal budget at the state house seems promising that the blight program may be funded again for both commercial and residential. As this discussion continues Copsey encouraged the villages to continue to think “outside the box” in residential or commercial properties that need remediated, and establish property parcel numbers or addresses to submit to Maumee Valley Planning for review. More details to follow once the budget is approved on June 30.
  • PC Zoning Inspectors had their first meeting in March hosted by PCED. County Prosecutor Joe Burkard, and Assistant Matt Miller, were on hand to share their knowledge and answer questions for the inspectors. With many of the inspectors having limited experience the group felt the meeting was beneficial and decided to meet again next quarter.

Other open discussion included:

  • Current water and sewer rates. Discussion turned to current charges, how that is working and potential ways to increase fees to stay current for future EPA grant funding as needed.
  • The PCED office is developing a hard copy Paulding County service directory for residents that may not be cell phone or internet savvy. The hope is to have this list available in all villages going forward.

The group will meet again at 6pm, Wednesday, July 19, 2023.