Paulding County Economic Development Press Release April 20, 2022
PCED hosts Career Day Showcase
PAULDING, OH – The Paulding County Economic Development office hosted a Career Day
Showcase event here this week. The event, held at the Paulding County Fairgrounds, was the
first in the county in three years. Businesses, colleges, not-for profit groups, and government
offices displayed and highlighted their businesses to the junior and senior classes from all three
Paulding County schools.
The event ran from 8am-12noon with students arriving at the top of each hour. The Vantage
Career Center students from Antwerp, Paulding and Wayne Trace schools were invited to
attend the first hour. Each school then brought their students on the hour for forty-five
minutes. CHEP-C homeschool students and the public were invited to attend at any time.
“It was great to see the students asking valuable questions about hiring, job duties and getting
a better idea of what our local businesses do. A few even filled out job applications on the
spot! While some left with seasonal or full-time jobs in mind, all left with extra knowledge of
what opportunities we have here in Paulding County.” stated Economic Development Office
Manager Kristen Schilt.
Students were provided a “passport”. The passports suggested a variety of questions to ask
presenting businesses to help create conversation. Each student was invited to talk to a
minimum of five businesses and have the business sign their passport. Completed passports
were entered into a drawing for two $25 gift gas cards per school. The cards were sponsored
by National Oil & Gas, Inc. They provide fuel to Marathon gas stations all over the county.
Paulding County Economic Development Director Tim Copsey noted, “The event far exceeded
what we hoped to create and achieve today. The excitement of the businesses and colleges to
get in front of the students again was a great positive, but to see the interaction of the students
in front of the presenters today, for the first time in years, was worth all of the time and effort
put into this event.” Copsey continued, “The county Business Advisory Council meetings have
provided interaction between the PCED office, county businesses, and school officials and
certainly helped facilitate this event coming back. With our office going in and meeting with
students a couple times this year, to help prepare them for this event, it seemed to make the
students more comfortable with us. The bridges that were built today between students and
business leaders was truly impressive to watch.”
This was the first event that the fairly new economic development office staff was able to host
since taking their PCED positions. They noted their thankful appreciation for the help of Vicky
Steele who has helped prepare this event for the PCED office in the past.