Paulding, Ohio welcomes Mighty Cube, LLC, a new business owned by Chad Manz and Klint Manz.  Chad and Klint believe that everyone should have their own personal garage and have an opportunity to organize and enjoy your home to the fullest.  They look forward to serving Paulding County and surrounding areas as a portable storage business that will deliver storage solutions to your doorstep.  Your Mighty Cube is a convenient and efficiently sized portable storage container measuring 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall.  Mighty Cube on-site storage will give you convenient access to your belongings while you remodel your home, move to another home, spring clean or reorganize, or just need additional space.   With state of the art delivery equipment, your portable storage cube can be placed wherever you would like, whether in your driveway or your backyard.  You can fill up your storage cube and store it at your site or Mighty Cube can pick it up, store it for you at their location, and deliver it at a later date when you are ready for it.  Both short and long term rental solutions are available and, if you find that you can no longer live without your personal garage space, purchase options are also available.  You can visit Mighty Cube’s website at or contact them by email at and by phone at 419-771-9220 to reserve your storage cube today.