Paulding County Economic Development Press Release June 23, 2022

Paulding County Teacher Boot Camp Completes

PAULDING COUNTY, OH – The 2022 version of the Paulding County “Teacher Boot Camp” event completed this week. Paulding County teachers presented their respective reports to the group to share how the information they learned, in touring and hearing from county businesses, will benefit their future teaching and classroom discussion with students.

This collaboration project with Western Buckeye Educational Service Center (WBESC), Ashland University and the Paulding County Economic Development office helped bridge the gap between what teachers are teaching in school curriculum with what graduates will experience once they get out into the business world. In providing this opportunity to the teachers, it will help them better prepare students by being able to share how the bookwork and exercises in the classroom will pertain to the students in real life.

“The businesses that participated this year really took this hosting and presentation opportunity with the teachers to heart. They each explained their business in great detail to try and make sure it tied back to what they are looking for in new employees today. This week was a win for the teachers, a win for the county businesses and a big win for Paulding County overall. I recently shared that the economic development office has done some pretty incredible collaboration work since I have been here, but this is easily the best one so far. The bar was set high by this inaugural event but we already look forward to doing it again next year,” exclaimed county Economic Development Director Tim Copsey.

The event closed out with a presentation from the United States Marine Corps introducing their Educator Workshop held at Paris Island, South Carolina each year. The all expenses paid event is to introduce teachers to the military so they can answer future student questions about the armed forces in a greater detail.