Paulding County Economic Development Press Release                                         June 8, 2022

PAULDING COUNTY, OH – Paulding County will host its first “Teacher Boot Camp” event this summer.  Ten teachers from around the county have signed up to learn more about Paulding County and the exciting businesses and opportunities that exist within the county.

This collaboration project has taken center stage here during fair week in Paulding County.  Western Buckeye Educational Service Center (WBESC), Ashland University and the Paulding County Economic Development office have partnered to offer teachers the chance to get out and tour manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture facilities around the county.  This will allow the teachers the opportunity to see how business has changed over the years and learn first-hand, what students graduating from the county schools each year, might find behind the business building walls they pass by every day.

“The hope is that these teachers understand that the manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare business world today isn’t like it was in the 1970’s, 80’s or even in 2010.  You can go into these facilities now, put in a good hard day of work, and still come out clean.  Technology has made a huge difference in business today and we want to be sure we promote that within our county,” explained county Economic Development Director Tim Copsey.  “We want to be sure those who spend the majority of time with our county students, from grades K thru 12, see and understand this going forward.  We couldn’t be more excited to host this program with these committed teachers.”

Once the teachers complete their week of participation, they will be required to develop a presentation and present in front of the fellow teachers and a member of WBESC and Ashland University for a grade.  A passing grade will allow them continuing education units (CEU’s) to meet their education criteria.

The teachers this year will tour facilities at: Paulding County Opportunity Center, new Antwerp Local School Innovation Center, Paragon Tempered Glass, Paulding County Hospital, Wayne Trace Local School Robotics introduction and demonstration, Mansfield Welding, Robert’s Manufacturing, Vantage Career Center, and the new Mercer Landmark facility.  In addition, there will be presentations from WBESC Superintendent Tom Taylor, Dr. James Powell with Ashland University, County Commissioner Roy Klopfenstein, OSU Extension FSC Educator Casey Bishop, First Financial Bank, Area Foundation Director Lisa McClure, United Way Director Lora Lyons, Economic Development Director Tim Copsey, Pioneer Lines, Sheriff Jason Landers, Cooper Farms, Ohio Small Business Development Consultant Lisa Beecher, State Bank, Northwest State Community College, Ohio Means Jobs and the Kenn Feld Group.

“We had more businesses volunteer to host and present than we had room to schedule them all.  Hopefully this event is interesting enough that these teachers will go back to their respective schools and share their excitement and that leads right into another event next summer,” continued Copsey.

The camp event runs from June 13-16 and presentations on June 23.  For questions about the boot camp or information on any of the tours and presentations call 419-399-8282.