Paulding County Economic Development Press Release                                   February 13, 2022

OhioMeansJobs presents to Paulding County Commissioners  

PAULDING – OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) representatives visited Paulding County to share information and answer questions here.

During some recent business retention and expansion (BR&E) visits in the county, HR Managers at manufacturing business sites shared some concerns and frustrations for their employees.  This was in regard to the current unemployment system and payments.  The concerns were noted by county Commissioner Mike Weible.  This meeting came at the request of Commissioner Mike Weible to county economic development Director Tim Copsey to see if there might be some local OMJ support members to see how they might help.

The meeting was attended by Rocky Rockhold, Greater Ohio Workforce Board; Jamie Stemen, Program Delivery Supervisor, Office of Workforce Development, Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services (OJFS); Michael Burkholder, Workforce Specialist, Office of Workforce Development OJFS; Nathan Strange, Program Delivery Manager, Office of Workforce Development, OJFS; local contact Tiffany Goings, OhioMeansJobs Defiance/Paulding Counties, Workforce Supervisor; PC commissioners Mark Holtsberry, Lisa McClure, Weible, Copsey and Kristen Schilt with the PC Economic Development office.

Copsey introduced Burkholder who in turn introduced the team and shared how the offices work closely with the county through the communication and collaboration of Goings and Copsey at the local level, and how other branches and higher levels are pulled in as necessary.  This led to the sharing of questions and concerns from commissioners.

Rockhold stepped in and started from the top and shared how the “chain of command” works with the OhioMeansJobs hierarchy, including all that is involved from the federal level, all the way down through the state to the local level.  In sharing the information, it was emphasized that despite their many roles and divisions, the team really was there to help and get questions answered or requests guided in the right direction.  It was then realized that the unemployment questions and issues are not even covered in these branches of OhioMeansJobs, but actually from the Ohio unemployment side.  This is an entirely different division of offices in Ohio.  However, the representatives present could get the commissioners in touch with a contact from the unemployment division of the office at any time.

Once the unemployment information was understood, the conversation of all the additional pieces of help and collaboration that could take place with these representatives, was promoted.  The current programs funded by the group, and new opportunities that could be beneficial were all noted for future projects and discussion.

Copsey pointed out that Goings is an outstanding county resource and that on many visits to area businesses she is invited and attends.  This helps employers with workforce questions get answers both quickly and accurately and that the collaboration between offices remains strong.

All parties involved noted this was a very good meeting for learning and understanding and that a follow up meeting should be scheduled.