Gardens of Paulding under new ownership

Lionstone Care, an assisted living facility and skilled nursing care management company, assumed ownership of Gardens of Paulding on January 1, 2023. Advertising Director Natasha McIntire, who has been with Gardens of Paulding for two years, says the new owners want members of the community to know Gardens is no longer operating under Paragon Management, and are taking major strides to change the narrative.

Facility Administrator Deb Sawyer, who has been at Gardens since March 2022, says she is “quite excited” about the takeover, saying that “Lionstone Care does seem to really, truly care.”

Several changes have occurred in recent months at the facility. Since October 2022, the facility  added 11 nurses to its staff. Sawyer spoke highly of her staff and of the recruiting process saying, “If we need assistance, they [Lionstone] will help in the recruiting, but right now it’s basically at the facility level. We are extremely lucky in the fact that we have done some major recruiting ourselves.”

Another change implemented by Lionstone, that facility employees appreciate and benefit from, is taking the admission processes out of the hands of facility employees.  This has allowed the staff to focus on the needs and preparations of incoming residents. “That seems to be a thing with this company; they don’t want us to have to be on conference calls or doing tons of paperwork. Let’s be out. Let’s be with the residents.”

Sawyer is committed to her work and to the lives of her residents and has lived in Paulding her whole life. “This building is very special to me, I want to see it succeed. I want us to be the place that, if needed, it’s where you want to come, especially if you’re from Paulding. I want them to feel like, ‘I’m going to my hometown nursing home because I’m treated like family and they do care.’”

A couple of residents recently moved from a sister facility owned by the previous company and expressed to Sawyer how much they like the “home atmosphere,” saying her staff was “so nice and so sweet and caring,” which Sawyer attributes to living small-town life in Paulding.

Residents are also “very excited” now that they’re out of some of the covid restrictions.  Eating out in the dining room, encouraging visitation and group activities has all returned. Volunteer programs also took a hit during covid, and Sawyer is pleased to report that they’re finally able to start bringing volunteers back.

“It’s a gorgeous building, very active with multiple activities,” says McIntire, who wants the Gardens to get more integrated into the community to increase their presence.

There will be an Open House with light refreshments at the Gardens of Paulding on Thursday, March 23 from 5 – 7 p.m. The management team will be there to meet, introduce, give tours and answer any questions.

The Gardens of Paulding is located at 199 Rd 103, Paulding, OH. For more information, call (419) 399-4940.