Paulding County Economic Development Press Release

January 10, 2022

Fred Manz joins PCED Board

PAULDING – The Paulding County Economic Development Board hosted their 2023 organizational meeting this week.  During the meeting Fred Manz, Sales and Marketing for InSource Technologies, was introduced as a new board member.  Manz will fill the open Business and Industry position that was vacated with the resignation of Larry Manz at the end of last year.

Economic Development Director Tim Copsey shared many current project updates against the established 2022 strategic plan goals.  A plethora of information was shared with the board including: updates on the county brownfield cleanup and residential blight removal, commercial properties and buildings that continue to change hands, workforce development projects and updates to municipal and township zoning maps.

Dates were shared for upcoming County Mayors meeting (January 11), presentation to Paulding County Vantage students (January 13), regional Ohio Means Jobs meeting in Van Wert (January 23) and Rhodes State Manufacturing Consortium (January 30).

Vice-President Jim States opened the meeting and brought forward a nomination slate of 2023 officers for vote.  President for 2023 will be township representative Mike Kauser; Vice President will be Lapham-Hickey Plant Manager Ryan Whitaker; Secretary will be OSU Extension Representative Sarah Noggle; and Treasurer will be Jeff Mumma with Antwerp Exchange Bank.  Kauser presided over the rest of the meeting.  All 2023 committee roles were then filled and dates established for the 2023 meetings.

All board members updated the group with the current open projects for the organizations they each represent.  The balance of the meeting was discussion about general board business.  The next scheduled board meeting will be March 14, 2023.  For information about Paulding County Economic Development and programs they offer call 419-399-8295.