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Vantage Career Center 818 North Franklin Street Van Wert, OH  45891-1304 Phone: (419) 238-5411 or (800) 686-3944 Fax: (419) 238-4058 Vantage Career Center provides authentic, student-focused, career technical training that prepares high school students and adults for employment and further education.  By dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement, Vantage Career Center will be a leader in career technical education.  Students will be motivated to pursue a quality education that prepares them for the workforce and continued education.  The 13 schools served are Antwerp, Continental, Crestview, Delphos, Delphos St. John’s, Ft. Jennings, Kalida, Lincolnview, Ottoville, Parkway, Paulding, Van Wert and Wayne Trace.  High school career technical enrollment for the current school year is approximately 450 students.  The facility offers 16 high school workforce training programs.  Adult training programs: Medical Assistant, Police Academy and State Tested Nursing Assistant / CNC Operations, Industrial Automated Maintenance, Pipe Welding and Truck Driving (NSCC programs at Vantage) / Wind Turbine Maintenance (NSCC program at Vantage and MIAT in Canton, MI) Contact Name: Staci Kaufman, Ed.S., Superintendent Email: kaufman.s@vantagecareercenter.com Ben Winans, High School Director Lori Davis, Treasurer Pete Prichard, Adult Education Director Ted Verhoff, Trade and Industry Supervisor Mary Ann Hall, Business, Health and Human Services Supervisor There are 11 Board members and Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. www.vantagecareercenter.com . Village of Antwerp 118 N. Main Street P.O. Box 1046 Antwerp, OH  45813-1046 Phone: (419) 258-7422 or (419) 258-2241 Fax: (419) 258-1337 Email: antclktr@mchsi.com Website: www.villageofantwerp.com Location: Intersection of Ohio 49 and U.S. 24 in Carryall Township; zoned Valuation: $19,992,050 Population: Approximately 1,692 Wastewater Superintendent: Jeremy Kosch, (419) 258-2557 Police Dept.: Call 911; Chief George Clemens III; Non-emergency (419) 258-2627 Fire Dept.: Call 911; Chief Ray Friend and Asst. Chief Robert Addis EMS: Call 911; Coordinator Randy Shaffer Cemeteries: Maumee Cemetery, located on U.S. 24 at the east edge of town; Veterans Memorial (Riverside) Cemetery, located on U.S. 24, just east of downtown Parks: Antwerp Community Park, located off Woodcox Street, owned by the Antwerp Ball Association & by the Antwerp Softball League Village Green Park, next to the Town Hall, with a tennis court & pavilion Veteran’s Memorial (Riverside) Park, located on East River Street (Road 424 – formerly U.S. 24) with a Veteran’s Memorial, playground, shelter houses, picnic tables, restrooms and pedestrian access to the scenic Maumee River. Meetings: Held at 5:30 p.m. the third Monday of each month Contact Name: Ray DeLong, Mayor  (419) 258-3915 Aimee Lichty, Fiscal Officer  (419) 258-2241 Sara Keeran, Administrator  (419) 258-2371 Melanie Farr, Solicitor  (260) 426-0444 Council Members: Steve Derck  (419) 487-4872 Janice Reeb  (419) 258-2054 Rudie Reeb  (419) 258-4025 Kenneth Reinhart  (419) 258-7871 Larry Ryan  (419) 258-2391 Charles Keith West  (419) 258-2232 Village of Broughton 7774 Broughton Pike Paulding, OH  45879-9613 Location: Ohio 613, two miles east of U.S. 127 in Jackson Township with town hall in the center of the village; unzoned Valuation: $1,100,790 Population: Approximately 117 Police Dept.: Call 911 Fire Dept. and EMS: Call 911; Paulding Fire Department and Paulding EMS Meetings: Held at 7 p.m. the first Monday of each month at the town hall Contact Name: Donna M. Greear, Mayor  (419) 399-2680 Megan Meeks Clerk/Treasurer  (419) 796-0821 Brian Gorrell, Solicitor  (419) 399-2181 Council Members: Don Collis  Terry Daniels  (419) 399-3620 Teresa Matthews  (419) 399-3005 Larry Offerle  (419) 399-4955 Seth Greear Arron C. Matthews,  (419) 890-9025 Village of Cecil 301 W. Third Street P.O. Box 164 Cecil, OH  45821-0164 Phone: (419) 399-0520 Fax: (419) 399-3166 Location: One mile west of U.S. 127 and one mile south of U.S.24 in Crane Township; zoned Valuation: $2,143,940 Population: Approximately 185 Police Dept.: Call 911 Fire Dept.: Call 911; Chief Bob Herber, Assistant Chief Gene Sheets, John Baldwin EMS: Call 911 Parks: Cecil Community Park on Road 105 has restrooms, playground equipment, a shelter house and a basketball court. Meetings: Held at 7 p.m. the third Monday of each month at the firehouse Contact Name: Gene Sheets, Mayor  (419) 399-4923 Carly Turner, Clerk/Treasurer  (419) 399-0520 Email: carlysue59@yahoo.com Michael Wahl, Solicitor  (419) 782-6055 Chad Buchholz (419) 399-5699 Council Members: Rolando Ceballos  (419) 399-9312 Maxine Keegan  (419) 399-2733 Julie McCloud  (419) 399-4139 Chad Buchholz (419) 399-5699            **2 Vacancies Village of Grover Hill 301 Walnut Street Grover Hill, OH  45849-9559 Phone: (419) 587-3225 Fax: (419) 587-3228 Location: Intersection of Ohio 114 and Ohio 637 in Latty Township; unzoned Valuation: $2,918,370 Population: Approximately 381 Police Dept.: Call 911; Acting Chief Charles Howe Fire Dept.: Call 911; Chief David Volk EMS: Call 911; Chad Roth, Coordinator Parks: Grover Hill Community (Welcome) Park, located on Ohio 637 and owned by the Grover Hill Lions Club, includes ball fields, playground equipment, basketball courts, tennis courts and a shelter house. Meeting Date:  6:00 p.m., 3rd Monday of each month @ town hall Contact Name: John Moon, Mayor  (419) 587-3225 Susie Moon, Fiscal Officer  (419) 587-3225 Matt Miller, Solicitor  (419) 399-2181 Council Members: Patrick Comer  (419) 587-3779 DeWayne Hinchcliff  (419) 587-3318 Shannon Comer, (419) 769-0497 Jesse Lewis, (419) 786-0831 Trudy Wilkin, (419) 587-3677 ** 1 Vacancy Village of Haviland 201 Vine Street P.O. Box 114 Haviland, OH  45851-0114 Phone: (419) 622-6009 Location: One mile west of U.S. 127 on Ohio 114 in Blue Creek Township; zoned Valuation: $2, 711,160 Population: Approximately 212 Police Dept.: Call 911; Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Fire Dept. and EMS: Call 911; Scott Fire Department and Scott EMS Parks: Haviland Town Park, located in downtown, includes a tennis court, playground equipment, shelter house and a basketball court. Meeting Date: Held at 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month Contact Name: Richard Bowers, Mayor  (419) 622-3017 Sandra Stoller, Fiscal Officer  (419) 576-7119 James Sponseller, Village Solicitor  (419) 399-2217 Council Members: Diane Mary Comer  (419) 622-5561 Larry Lewis (419-203-8821 Cindy Moser  (419) 786-0329 Cathy Jewell  (419) 622-5671 Neil Stoller  (419) 576-7405 Charles Wilson  (567) 344 - 0389 Village of Latty 650 Alexander Street P.O. Box 86 Latty, OH  45855-0086 Phone & Fax: (419) 399-2644 Email: lattycfo@hotmail.com Location: Southwest of the U.S. 127 and Ohio 613 intersection in Paulding Township Valuation: $2,025,480 Population: Approximately 188 Police Dept.: Call 911 Fire Dept.: Call 911; Roger Miller, Fire Representative; and Paulding Fire Department EMS: Call 911; Scott EMS Parks: Latty Town Park, located downtown, is home to a ball field, basketball court, shelter house and play area Meeting Date: Held at 7:30 p.m. the second Monday of each month in the town hall Contact Name: Thomas Sinn, Mayor  (419) 399-4613 Kay Miller, Fiscal Officer  (419) 399-5315, Cell (419) 399-7767 Jim Sponseller, Solicitor  (419) 399-2217 Council Members: Eugene Adkins (419) 399-3278 Elmer Groves Darlene Knapp  (419) 399-2973 Roger Miller  (419) 399-5315 Denise Adkins  (419) 399-3278 Kenneth Speice  (419) 399-2947 Board of Public Affairs: President Daniel Knapp  (419) 399-2973 Michael Pease  (419) 399-5068 D Joan Pease  (419) 399-2127 Village of Melrose 705 State Street P.O. Box 101 Melrose, OH  45861-0101 Location: Intersection of Ohio 613 and C.R. 177 in Brown Township; unzoned Valuation: $1,936,870 Population: Approximately 268 Fire Dept. and EMS: Call 911; Oakwood Fire Department and Oakwood EMS Parks: Melrose Town Park, located just off Ohio 613 in Melrose, is the home to Bair Field ball fields, a shelter house, playground equipment, and handicap-accessible restrooms Meeting Date: Held at 7 p.m. the third Monday of each month in the town hall Bair Park Hours: Village owns the park and is open from daylight until dusk Food Bank: Every second Saturday Contact Name: Janet Stroup, Mayor  (419) 594-2133 Virginia Elizabeth Scherer, Fiscal Officer  (419) 796-8370 Jim Hitchcock, Solicitor Council Members: Shawn Gibble (419) 796-8794 Tabbie Bair Kathy Bland Mike Smith  (419) 594-3723 Edward Thrasher  (419) 594-2128 John L. Guyton   (419) 594-3707 Village of Oakwood 228 N. First Street P.O. Box 457 Oakwood, OH  45873-0457 Phone: (419) 594-3352 Fax: (419) 594-2322 Email: ovillage@bright.net (for Administrator & Utilities) Oakwoodvillage@bright.net (for Townhall) Website: Under development Location: Intersection of Ohio 613 and Ohio 66 in eastern Paulding County along the Auglaize River; zoned Valuation: $5,132,920 Population: Approximately 588 Police Dept.: Call 911; Chief Mark Figert, Non-emergency (419) 399-0066 (pager) or (888) 399-0171 Fire Dept.: Call 911; Chief Kenny Thomas Non-Emergency (419) 594-3381 EMS: Call 911; Coordinator Tim Kidd Parks: Oakwood Ball Field, located on East Harmon Street Oakwood Community Park, located downtown on Ohio 66, has playground equipment, two shelter houses, a tennis court and boat ramp for the Auglaize River Meeting Date: Held at 6:30 p.m. the third Monday of each month in the town hall Contact Name: Brian D. Ripke, Mayor, (419) 594-3123 Susan Barron, Fiscal Officer (419) 594-3101 John Keyes, Administrator  (419) 594-2704, (419) 594-3359, Cell (419) 615-5152 Brian Gorrell, Solicitor  (419) 399-2181, 112 W. Water St., Paulding, OH Council Members: Jennifer Ashbacher  (419) 439-0679 Kelly Tumblin (419) 399-7299 Eric P. Hanenkratt  (419) 863-9365 Earhard “Bud” Henke (419) 594-2211 Beau Leatherman (419) 796-0786 Brent Meeker (419) 594-2217 Village of Paulding 116 South Main Street Paulding, OH  45879-1408 Phone: (419) 399-4011 Fax: (419) 399-5268 Email: pldgvil@paulding-net.com www.villageofpaulding.com Location: Centrally located within the county, at the intersection of u.s. 127 and Ohio 111; zoned.  Paulding is the county seat Valuation: $47,129,270 Population: Approximately 3,488 Water Plant: Gary Donat, Superintendent  (419) 399-2976 Police Dept.: Call 911; Chief Randy Crawford  (419) 399-3311 Officers: Gina Weidenhamer, and Adam Kunz Mayor’s Clerk: Krista Gonzales Fire Dept.: Call 911; Chief Todd Weidenhamer  (419) 399-5923 EMS: Call 911; Sue Crossland, Coordinator  (419) 399-4828 Cemeteries: Live Oak Cemetery on Emerald Road across from the school: and Paulding Memorial Cemetery on Emerald Road, two miles north of town Parks: LaFountain Park, on Lincoln Avenue, features a shelter house, basketball court, Freedom Playstation and restrooms Mary (Sal) Hench Skateboard Park, located at LaFountain Park Lela McGuire Jeffery Park, located near the intersection of Roads 103 and 142 just north of the hospital, includes four ball fields Paulding Municipal Swimming Pool, located adjacent to LaFountain Park, open seasonally Reservoir Park, located on Road 107 on the southwest edge of Paulding, includes playground equipment, ball fields, a shelter house and restrooms Herb Monroe Community Park, located downtown on the square, includes tables, a fireplace and a stage for performances Meeting Date: Held at 6:30 p.m. the first and third Mondays of each month in the Mayor’s Court room, in the municipal building at 116 South Main Street Contact Name: Greg Reinhart, Mayor  (419) 399-4020 Annette Hasch, Fiscal Officer  (419) 399-4011 Email: ahasch@roadrunner.com Robert Fisher, Administrator, (419) 399-2806 Rachel Jones, Solicitor Council Members: Randy Daeger  (419) 399-3759 Ryan Mapes (419) 769-3939 Robert Boyd (419) 769-4500 Barbara Rife  (419) 399-2684 Dan Workman  (419) 769-1458 Recreation Board: Jan Commers, Carol Cowell, Melissa Mapes, Tom Diaz Village of Payne 131 N. Main Street P.O. Box 58 Payne, OH  45880-0058 Phone: (419) 263-2514 Fax: (419) 263-3510 Location: Intersection of Ohio 49, Ohio 500, and Ohio 613 in southwest Paulding County; zoned, building permits required Valuation: $14,072,760 Population: Approximately 1,155 Water & Sewer Dept.: Winston Gross and Jarrod Childs, (419) 263-2913 Street Dept.: Jarrod Childs Mayor’s Clerk: Krista Gonzales, (419) 263-2514 Ext. 100 Police Dept: Call 911; Chief Rodney Miller, Non-emergency (419) 263-2514 Fire Dept.: Call 911; Chief Leroy Anderson, Non-emergency (419) 263-2823 EMS: Call 911; Coordinator Con Shuherk, Non-emergency (419) 263-2823 EMS Billing Clerk: Krista Gonzales, (419) 263-2514 Parks: Payne Community Park, located on Ohio 49, includes ball fields, playground equipment, basketball court, tennis court, sand volleyball court, a walking path, shelter house, old Payne Railroad Depot and a retired railroad caboose. Payne School Park, located across from Payne Elementary School on Ohio 613, includes youth ball fields Council Meeting: Held at 7 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of each month at village hall Mayor’s Court: Held at 7 p.m. the first and third Mondays of each month at the village hall Contact Name: Steve Wobler, Mayor  (419) 263-2612 Cheryl Halter, Fiscal Officer  (419) 594-2042 Matt Miller, Village Solicitor, (419) 399-2181 Council Members: Ronald Etzler  (419) 263-2562 Steve Crowley (419) 263-0120 Ronald Schoenauer  (419) 263-2582 Austin T. Scheiner  (419) 263-0356 Bill Childs (419) 263-2536 Randy Miller, (419) 263-3135 Board of Public Affairs: Eric J. Gross  (419) 263-2562 John Hall  (419) 263-2165 Bradley Young  (419) 263-2878 Village of Scott P.O. Box 155 Blane Street Scott, OH  45886-0155 Location: One square mile on the Van Wert-Paulding County line, with half the village in each county; unzoned Valuation: $979,510 in Paulding County Population: Approximately 281 in the village Police Dept.: Call 911; Chief Thomas Stahl Fire Dept. and EMS: Call 911; Chief Jay Klopfenstein, EMS Coordinator Michelle Huffine Town Maintenance: Travis Youtsey & Kevin Tarlton Parks: Bresler Park, located in Scott, includes playground equipment, a shelter house and a ball field Meeting Date: Held at 7:00 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month in the fire station/municipal building Contact Name: Bryon Glass, Mayor  (419) 203-7344  (VW County) Hilary Yoder, Clerk/Treasurer  (419) 622-3204  (Pldg County) Matt Miller, Village Solicitor Council Members: Janice Bodle  (419) 622-6341  (Pldg County) Stan Pratt  (419) 622-3502  (Pldg County) Claire Smith  (419) 622-6781  (VW County) Nancy Miller (419) 203-5129 Stephen Yoder  (419) 622-3204  (Pldg County) Christopher Martinez (419) 622-3006  (Pldg County)


Wagner Metals (Roofing & Home Improvement) 11608 Road 191 Oakwood, OH  45873-9345 Phone: (419) 594-7445 www.wagnermetal.com Wagner Metals is a team of roofing contractors and remodelers providing top-quality roofing and remodeling services and metal sales to clients across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.  Our specialty is helping home owners, as well as commercial and agricultural property managers, get maximum use out of their residences and buildings.  To keep projects within a reasonable budget, we offer cost-effective solutions for upgrading existing structures instead of replacing them entirely. It’s possible you can get many more years of use and save a lot of money by repairing and coating your roof instead of building a new one, for example. Our remodelers and roofing contractors often renovate older buildings, with expertise in roof, door, and siding replacement, as well as room additions. Wagner Metals company founder, Brett Wagner, has spent his entire working life in the construction industry. For top quality, excellent value, first-class service and professionalism, call Wagner Metals or Email Brett for all your building needs. Contact Name: Brett Wagner, Owner Email: wagnermetals@hotmail.com Washington Township Mailing Address: 2523 Road 173 Grover Hill, OH  45849-9638 Physical Address: 3094 Rd. 177 Grover Hill, OH  45849 Area: 36 square miles, zoned Population: 700 Valuation: $22,747,550 Roads: 47.6 miles Cemeteries: Auglaize Chapel, Boutwell, Burbage, Carlton, Church of God, Dunkard-Oak Grove, Fought, Harrell, Little Middle Creek, Melinger, Middle Creek Joint, Wilson and Young cemeteries Fire Protection: Call 911; Ottoville Fire and EMS, Grover Hill Fire and EMS, Oakwood Fire and EMS Police Protection: Call 911; Paulding County Sheriff’s Department Meetings: At 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of the month at the township house Contact Name: Neil Beining, Fiscal Officer  (419) 587-3792 Chad Dotson, Zoning Inspector  (419) 438-8509 Township Trustees: Lonnie Lytle  (419) 587-3819 Burton Merriman  (419) 587-3192 Lynn Noffsinger  (419) 587-3324 Wayne Trace Local School District Main Office: Junior/Senior High School: 4915 U.S. 127 4915 U.S. 127 Haviland, OH  45851-9738 Haviland, OH  45851 Phone: (419) 399-4100 (Ext. 1) Phone: (419) 399-4100 or (419) 622-5171 Fax: (419) 263-2377 Fax: (419) 622-3037 Principal: Greg Leeth Wayne Trace Payne Elementary School Wayne Trace Grover Hill Elementary School 501 W. Townline Street 101 Monroe Street Payne, OH  45880 Grover Hill, OH  45849 Phone: (419) 263-2512 Phone: (419) 587-3414 Fax: (419) 263-1313 Fax: (419) 587-3415 Principal: Jody Dunham Principal: Kevin Wilson Wayne Trace Local Schools also has a preschool program for children ages 3-5.  For more information, contact WBESC at (419) 399-4711. Enrollment: 1,013 The mission of the Wayne Trace Local School District is to prioritize the philosophy of One District-One-Mission-One-Vision.  Wayne Trace School is committed to educational excellence that will help all students achieve at their highest level and to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become thinking, productive  citizens in a changing global society.  This is accomplished through a system which supports community values and integrates community, technology, and educational resources delivered in a safe environment by a caring staff. Contact Name: Benjamin  A. Winans, Superintendent Lori Davis, Treasurer  (419)263-2288 School Board Members: Lisa McClure, President  (419) 587-3908 Duane Sinn, Vice President Dick Swary  (419) 263-2343 Patrick Baumle  (419) 399-2885 Perry Sinn  (419) 399-5963 Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month www.waynetrace.org Werlor Waste Control, Inc. 1420 Ralston Avenue Defiance, OH  43512-1340 Phone: (419) 784-4285 or Toll Free: (800) 582-3433 Fax: (419) 782-9188 As an independently-owned family business, Werlor Waste Control, Inc. has the flexibility to offer customers immediate solutions to their waste handling and recycling needs.  Our goals are to preserve the environment, to protect our employees and to provide customers the best our industry has to offer.  Our products and services are as follows: Residential Trash and Recycling Services Commercial Trash Service and Recycling Services Roll-Off Container Service Wood Waste Brush Grinding Recycling Services Premium Landscape Mulch Compactor Sales and Service Baler Sales and Service Crushed Stone and Asphalt Free Concrete and Asphalt Disposal Werlor Waste Control, Inc. office hours are: Monday thru Friday - 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday – 8:00 to Noon (April thru June) Contact Name: Casey Wertz Email: casey@werlor.com Brock Coburn, HR Email: bcoburn@werlor.com www.werlor.com West Bend News West Bend Printing & Publishing Inc. P.O. Box 1008 101 N. Main St. Antwerp, OH  45813-1008 Phone: (419) 258-2000 Email: info@westbendnews.net West Bend News is a division of the parent company West Bend Printing and Publishing Inc..  The business is split evenly with the newspaper and the commercial printing division.  West Bend actively seeks news and ads to present in a local only printed newspaper that crosses the Ohio/Indiana state line, seeking to enhance business and living opportunities for all people.  The website is carefully crafted and allows access to news for everyone along with the ability to search and print all past issues.  There should be no charge for news and it should be freely accessible.  This is why the newspaper is free in area businesses and organizations throughout northwest Ohio and northeast Indiana.  It is paid for by advertising.  News submissions are also free for anyone to let the community know of their good news. The other part of the business is commercial printing.  This involves marketing and design work as well.  Our customers tell us we have the best designs in the area.  We print just about anything you can imagine, from full color brochures to vinyl signs, canvas wall coverings and much more.  We are not just a copy shop, but if that is what you need, we can fill that too.  Stop on in and find out why West Bend Printing & Publishing is selected as the best printer and newspaper around. Contact Name: Sarah Klingler, Designer Stan Jordan, Writer Bryce Steiner, Publisher Angel Steiner, Editor www.westbendnews.net Williamson Insurance Agency 101 East Merrin Street P.O. Box 469 Payne, OH  45880-0469 Phone: (888) 399-5276 or (419) 263-0168 Fax: (419) 263-0392 At Williamson Insurance Agency, crop insurance is our only business.  Our goal is to provide farming operations in the eastern cornbelt with easy access to all available crop insurance options, and to present those options in a clear, understandable manner, with unequaled service. Contact Name: Rex Williamson, Agent  (419) 910-0990 Cell Email: rex@cropcoverage.com Richard Rice, Agent  (419) 203-1677 Cell Email: dick@cropcoverage.com Jason Williamson, Agent  (419) 406-0146 Cell Email: jason@cropcoverage.com Troy Ross, Agent  (419) 203-3145 Cell / (419) 495-3002 Home Office Email: troy@cropcoverage.com Greg Owens, Agent  (419) 771-9394 Email: greg@cropcoverage.com Teresa Williamson, Agent  (419) 203-2086 Cell Email: teresa@cropcoverage.com Stacy McGarvey, Agent/Processor  (419) 786-9482 Cell Email: stacy@cropcoverage.com Kiley Flaugh, Agent/Processor  (888) 399-5276 Email: kiley@cropcoverage.com Josh Ross, Agent  (888) 399-5276 / (419) 605-8460 Cell Email: josh@cropcoverage.com Alison Stoller, Agent  (419) 786-9607 Cell Email: alison@cropcoverage.com Kris Young, Agent  (567) 259-5020 Cell Email: kris@cropcoverage.com www.cropcoverage.com WMYW 102.7 FM P.O. Box 304 Paulding, OH  45879-0304 Phone: (419) 258-4311 Paulding County is a great place to work, live and raise a family. My goal at MY 102.7 is to highlight all the positive things that make this part of Ohio our home We will be playing The Beatles to Bon Jovi. I wanted to play ‘classic rock’ but my kids informed me that the music I listened to while in high school now qualifies for oldies status, so I guess we’re an oldies station. As a farmer I have listened to a lot of radio in the tractor over the last 30 years. We have a variety of really good stations in our area. But a few years ago I started noticing that we receive radio signals that are not really tailored to us. I am excited about giving our local schools, county officials and local events a spot light. A radio station in Paulding County for Paulding County. My 102.7 broadcasts from a county landmark. During the Cold War, the government built several towers for wireless communication. This was part of what became known as the “Washington to Moscow Hotline”. Now privately owned, an antenna has been installed on the 310 foot red and white iron tower two miles west of US127 on CR 176. It is a really neat old building and what could be cooler?! Classic rock being broadcast from a giant iron tower built during the cold war that is able to withstand a nuclear blast – it is perfect! Please visit our web site for up-to-date info and request your favorite songs! Contact Name: Joe B. Barker, Owner www.my102.7.org